Our team of technical whizkids are well-versed with cutting-edge technologies such as PHP, Dot Net, HTML5, CSS3, CMS and many more to give you future-proof advantages today. These rapidly evolving technologies are driving innovation are integral in deploying fully-featured Ecommerce portals, Online Payment Methods, customized App development, web technologies and web services.

Here are the technologies we employ for developing technologically advanced solutions for you:

Programming Languages:

Craft technically sound & aesthetically pleasing apps for online and offline use. Avail our customized app development services for consumer and enterprise use. Leverage the potential of industry standard programming tools such as PHP, .NET and JAVA for next-generation apps.


Deliver high quality and informative content with the perfect content management system. Utilize cutting-edge CMS options such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal to jazz up your websites. Gain a highly stylized yet crisp website design for easy accessibility and readability.


Design sophisticated yet simple databases for your web applications and website. Take advantage of popular database technologies like MySQL and SQL Server to manage expansive information requests. The database management system doesn’t get easier than this.



Design fool-proof user interfaces for apps and the web. Take advantage of our expertise with frontend technologies such as HTML5, Flash, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and more to craft amazing user experiences. Make the end-user the star of the show.


Develop fully-featured online web stores for your products and services. Replicate the traditional shopping experience for a new breed of buyers. Make use of eCommerce technologies such as Magento, OpenCart, OSCommerce and ZenCart to build customized online stores for your brand.

Social Media Integration:

Build up brand loyalty by utilizing social media to the fullest. Let your website benefit from assorted social media functionalities for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Market your products and services on social networks with aplomb. Get discovered.

Payment Processing Integration:

Integrate online payment options for your website and mobile apps. Take advantage of PayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize.net for secure and fool-proof transactions over the internet. Enjoy complete peace of mind with industry-grade encryption technologies for added security.

Web Services / APIs:

Avail online tracking for packages in transit in real-time. Track and confirm your mail and shipping requirements through FedEx, USPS and UPS conveniently via Web service APIs. Never miss out on delays and status alerts ever again.