Samsung’s unveiling the next big version of its top-selling smartphone in a few hours. The original Samsung Galaxy S4 outsold phones from Apple, HTC & Nokia combined so the S5 is poised to be a pretty big deal.

We take a look at 5 rumored features that might make it on the Samsung Galaxy S5.


A Cleaner and Flatter UI Refresh

Samsung has been listening to the fans and from Google too. Its TouchWiz UI skin has not been updated for a long time. But with the S5, all that is rumored to change. The word around the industry is that Samsung is going for a KitKat 4.4 powered TouchWiz UI refresh.

What does that mean for the average consumer? For starters, the UI will play nice with Android’s overall design aesthetic.

With changes to Samsung app icons, less bloatware and optimized background processing, Samsung may succeed in delivering a crisp user experience on mobile.


Water Proof Body

Sony’s Xperia series was the first to boast waterproof capabilities but it looks like Samsung wants to spoil the party. If the Samsung S5 would come in a waterproof body, then maybe all those pool party snaps will become easier.


It will come in White, Black and… Gold!

An eagle eyed Instagram user spotted these 3 beauties near the new Galaxy Gear smart watches at Mobile World Congress 2014. From the usual black and white color options, we think Samsung is going for gold from the start for Samsung S5. Maybe it doesn’t want people to suffer a wait a’la the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4. File this one under ‘Most Likely to Happen’.


What do we have here? Are these the rumoured Galaxy S5 phones?


Move over Plastic. Its time for the Metallic body design!

Not a fan of Samsung’s plastic-y body design? We neither!

The S5 represents a chance for Samsung to shed plastic in favor of metallic body design preferably aluminum like the HTC One and iPhone 5S. Either this or Samsung might offer a ‘premium’ option for the higher-priced mobile market segment.

The S5 is their most premium flagship after all.