Do Infinite Scroll Pages & Faceted Navigation work with SEO?

Do Infinite Scroll Pages & Faceted Navigation work with SEO?

Web design is evolving by leaps and bounds. User interface design is always changing based on technological trends like touch and mobile. In such a fast paced world, it is only natural for SEO experts to account for new website elements. In this regard, we’ll be taking a look at how new trends in web design such as infinite scroll page & faceted navigation factor in SEO. These 2 new innovations are taking the world by storm, delivering easy and delicious looking websites that are not a chore to use and navigate through. And as with any new-fangled web design and development innovations, Google is not behind. The search giant has rolled out updates to its discovery algorithm, now factoring infinite scroll page & faceted navigation for SEO purposes. Here’s how Google plays nicely with these new scroll and navigation technologies.  

Infinite Scroll

Seen Pinterest? Then you have a basic idea about how infinite scrolling works. It’s a web design layout that only uses a single web page to display information and updates. The more you scroll down, the more you see the website fetching newer updates and rendering them below. Even Google’s very own image search page is also another fin example of infinite scroll design. Now the issue that comes into the mind of SEO experts is this. If a page employs infinite scrolling, then how Google can’s crawling bots index content that is not already present on the page (i.e. the newer updated items that appear as you scroll down). Google advises web developers and designers to go for a Content Management System that can produce a series of component pages to go side by side with infinite scrolling.  

Faceted Navigation

For ages, website UI designers have stuck large and by one navigational layout. But what if there was a way to change the navigation options, based on what filters the website offers? Like say, one navigation bar for the pros and one for the casual crowd? A navigation menu that changes it shape based on user options is called faceted navigation. It was not considered SEO-friendly before as it creates a combination of URLs with duplicate content. That’s a non-no as far as SEO is concerned, until now that is. Google has rolled out new changes that SEO experts should include in their use of noindex, nofollow, robots.txt and canonical tags. This can made faceted navigation escape the ire of the Google cops. | Tectutive-info
Expect the Unexpected – 5 Possible Features of Samsung S5

Expect the Unexpected – 5 Possible Features of Samsung S5

Samsung’s unveiling the next big version of its top-selling smartphone in a few hours. The original Samsung Galaxy S4 outsold phones from Apple, HTC & Nokia combined so the S5 is poised to be a pretty big deal. We take a look at 5 rumored features that might make it on the Samsung Galaxy S5.  

A Cleaner and Flatter UI Refresh

Samsung has been listening to the fans and from Google too. Its TouchWiz UI skin has not been updated for a long time. But with the S5, all that is rumored to change. The word around the industry is that Samsung is going for a KitKat 4.4 powered TouchWiz UI refresh. What does that mean for the average consumer? For starters, the UI will play nice with Android’s overall design aesthetic. With changes to Samsung app icons, less bloatware and optimized background processing, Samsung may succeed in delivering a crisp user experience on mobile.  

Water Proof Body

Sony’s Xperia series was the first to boast waterproof capabilities but it looks like Samsung wants to spoil the party. If the Samsung S5 would come in a waterproof body, then maybe all those pool party snaps will become easier.  

It will come in White, Black and… Gold!

An eagle eyed Instagram user spotted these 3 beauties near the new Galaxy Gear smart watches at Mobile World Congress 2014. From the usual black and white color options, we think Samsung is going for gold from the start for Samsung S5. Maybe it doesn’t want people to suffer a wait a’la the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4. File this one under ‘Most Likely to Happen’.   What do we have here? Are these the rumoured Galaxy S5 phones?  

Move over Plastic. Its time for the Metallic body design!

Not a fan of Samsung’s plastic-y body design? We neither! The S5 represents a chance for Samsung to shed plastic in favor of metallic body design preferably aluminum like the HTC One and iPhone 5S. Either this or Samsung might offer a ‘premium’ option for the higher-priced mobile market segment. The S5 is their most premium flagship after all. | Tectutive-info
4 things to know about Online Reputation Management

4 things to know about Online Reputation Management

Social media is powerful for making as well as tarnishing brands and their image. Since people are free to express their views (both positive and negative) in the online space, it becomes all the more important for businesses to invest in online reputation management. Online reputation management specialists are individuals who have a knack for generating positive PR about your products and services. They are also well-versed with social media technological tools that can enable them to provide damage control services with lightning fast response times. We look at 4 important things that everyone should know about Online Reputation Management.  

Why invest in online reputation management services?

The internet is like a jungle. There are no rules here. And that means that random people can post negative comments about your brand with no thought. Just one random tweet or comment is all it takes to tarnish a reputation that you have built with care over the years. That’s one main reason to go for digital reputation management services.  

Is it prudent for me to go it alone in reputation management?

That’s highly not recommended. People who have built business are naturally biased towards their work. Chances are that they may not tolerate and respond to criticisms with the proper care. And besides, you need someone who already has contingency plans for all kinds of hairy situations, and that too at a moment’s notice. It make sense to have a pro overseeing your online reputation.  

Should reputation management be reactive or proactive?

You must have heard of the phrase that prevention is better than a cure. And it is true for digital reputation management as well. Most online reputation managers believe that firefighting a brewing crisis ends up costing more than having preventative measures in place. Even from a financial point of view, proactive reputation management is more preferable to the alternative.  

How can people get started with online reputation management tracking?

The first thing to do is to set up a Google Alert for yourself. Maximize your Facebook page with privacy settings. Don’t post a lot of personal information on social media profiles. In short, get out of the oversharing syndrome. | Tectutive-info
Mobile & Digital Marketing – 4 Techniques for Fruitful Business

Mobile & Digital Marketing – 4 Techniques for Fruitful Business

Are you looking for some tips and techniques to improve your digital and mobile marketing? Do you want to gain traffic to your website? Do you believe in continuous growth? If yes, then you will definitely enjoy this post. For a business, it is of prime importance to implement the right techniques to increase the effectiveness of mobile and digital marketing. With the help of rightly planned strategy and religiously implemented plan, everything becomes so much easier. With the passage of time, following techniques and tips have helped multiple businesses and organizations to become more and more profitable as well as reputed. 1 – Keep experiencing Success has no formula. In fact, it is all about experimenting things which can cause an impact. Those who are afraid of failures, cannot succeed in crucial times. Failure is not bad, unless you learn from it. Concentrate on your practices and the outcomes you get from them. The essence of success lies in experimentation. 2 – Set your KPI’s Any marketing campaign or activity that is performed without measuring the impacts, is considered as a waste of time and resource of the company. “Key Performance Indicators” and “Return on Investment” are two crucial elements for the success of any business. A watchful analysis of the results, from the mentioned i.e. ROI and KPI are required for the business, to be successful. 3 – Be content driven Content is the KING. No one can deny this fact. What people usually miss out is that, content along with the context can make a huge difference. If you have a great content with suitable context then you don’t have to worry about the success of your business. Digital marketing and mobile marketing can perform exceptionally well, if the content is target oriented. It is recommended to incorporate easy to understand language in your blog-posts, this will increase the retention and engagement of the readers. 4 – Pay for actions Some businesses don’t market them smartly. They spend amount on exposure, rather than on clicks. It is better to invest on CPC than on CPM. Some companies invest on CPO because in their industry pr. orders are important. With the help of above mentioned pointers, a business can flourish and grow its mobile and digital marketing to multiple folds. Share your ideas and practices as well. | Tectutive-info
Lose it with Top Weight-loss Smart Apps!

Lose it with Top Weight-loss Smart Apps!

Increasing necessity and usage has turned smartphones into a ‘must-have’ gadget. Its multi-tasking funda and high processing speed can help us accomplish any given task, whether it is as simple as calling a friend or as challenging as weight loss. Yes, you have heard it right! Your ultimate guide to diet, fitness and weight loss is lying in your pocket and you are just one mobile app away!


My Fitness Pal

About the App: It is an amazing app which functions as a Calorie, exercise and diet tracker. It’s an all-in-one, easy-to-use app which comes with 1.5 million nutritional and foods information, 350 exercises, tractable calories burned and perky social media sharing facilities. What’s in it for me? In the world of dieticians, My Fitness Pal has gained huge success and popularity. Daily summary is one of its key features, unlike other mobile apps it focuses on all key nutrients and show results which are beyond common picks like fat, protein or carb.  

Lose it

About the App: With minimum information about current and desired goal weight, this mobile app provides you a complete diet plan with food nutrition, calories per day and daily exercise routine. Not only can you determine the calories-to-consume per day, but also the time within which you will be able to achieve you goals. What’s in it for me? To help you stay motivated and on track, Lose it connects you with a support community where you come across people with interest similar to yours. With its unique barcode reading facility, you can also scan items and outsource calories or nutritional info from reputed online forums.  

 Weight Watchers Mobile App

About the App: Anyone keen about fat loss and low-calorie diet is surely aware of this popular mobile app named Weight watchers.  It is solely devoted to diet plans and offers huge food library. What’s in it for me? Weight watchers mobile app provide point value of each entry, calculates daily point allowance and number of points remaining left.  

My Diet Coach

About the App: My diet coach is not like other mobile apps which offer diet programs, exercise routines etc. Its key function lies in encouraging and motivating you into fat loss. What’s in it for me? It is ultimate mobile app for female users and not only does it help you stay motivated but helps you keep your hopes high! | Tectutive-info
Is your workspace design killing Teamwork?

Is your workspace design killing Teamwork?

Tides and trends of office-designs are shifting into new directions. Now it’s more of a “we” than “me” work! Collaboration is the new face of workspace-designs, which comprises of environment with perfect assortment of tech-rich group spaces. It promotes the idea that teamwork has no boundaries and can occur anytime at your personal desk, virtually via smart phones/internet, or even down the hallway. Here are a few points which can help you create collaborative workspace and foster team work.

Different activities - Different workspaces

The infrastructure of your office should rely on four important activities. The key is to create four different yet integrated spaces, including individual workstations, learning rooms (equipped with tools and latest technology), free flowing hallways and collaborative spaces.

Cognition Spaces

Recent researches show that distributed cognition can actually tear down your team’s creativity! Dedicate rooms for project teams. By designating a separate room for projects and team work, you actually provide them ‘a space for collaborative cognition’.  Such spaces help your team sharpen their focus, leave samples, maintain meeting records on the board, return to the same space the next day and consequently speed up the entire process.

Collaborative tools

To create environment with more obliging energy, equip your staff with the right tools. Tools like glass wipe boards, white boards etc. will enable professionals to exchange knowledge, build scenarios, brain storm and in cooperate diverse perceptions.  Thus, with your third step towards collaboration, you will be able to bring them to same understanding more quickly and effectively.


You can never foster your team’s creativity with white washed office walls and buzzing bulb lights. To save your employees from getting brain dead, make sure the office walls incorporate lots of windows which emit natural sunlight. Researches also show that view of natural elements like sunlight, plants produce a direct effect on general well-bring, intention to quit and on-job satisfaction of employees. It’s time when we should bring physical and strategic ends together. Our workspace philosophy should be proliferating, but for good reasons. In short, for work-space design to foster team work, should depict fun, collaborative environment where people can actually work and move around freely. | Tectutive-info
Why we love digital? (And you should too!)

Why we love digital? (And you should too!)

‘Digital marketing’ is broad term which refers to brand or product promotion conducted via digital and electronic media. With instant option of internet, digital media campaigns come into action more quickly and at incredibly low costs. The results are brilliantly fast and it’s easier to monitor feedbacks, actions and input from targeted audience in real time. It provides you with the ability to clearly analyze the impact you have made and allows you to make alterations if something’s not working. Here are a few more points which portray sheer importance of digital marketing. Cost - One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is its low cost and high benefits. It starts off with social media and emails, which cost much lesser than those used in traditional methods. Despite of its low cost, digital media adds value to your business and can be improved with catchy designs or call-to-action tools. Brand control - With other forms of advertisement and promotion, your brand controlling ability is very limited. But with digital media, you can actually choose locations, people engaged in certain fields or even market your product by emailing someone personally. Brand Engagement - With digital media comes brand engagement. Through social media platforms, a brand gets the opportunity to engage with the customers, indulge them with personal attention and provide all the necessary information through content. Addressing the consumer personally can make a huge difference and cause overall rise in brand engagement. Brand Exposure - Digital media brings unlimited exposure to your brand. Share buttons on social media platforms, help users make your content go viral on the web! And if the same is topped up with SEO – search engine optimization, digital marketing can actually open new doors of exposure and lead you to long-term ROI. Non-intrusive Branding - There were times when marketing was actually intrusive and it bugged its consumers at inconvenient times. But now the consumer has all the power and with digital marketing being online, it’s easier for them to view it whenever and wherever possible. | Tectutive-info